You Are Not Alone in Your Fear of Mushrooms


The fear of mushrooms is called Mycophobia. The number of confirmed sufferers is relatively small as phobias go. Most people have a healthy respect for the wild mushroom after childhood training to avoid them. Safety is a valid concern. When the fear of mushrooms becomes irrational and impacts a sufferer’s life the term Mycophobia applies.

In day to day life a fear of mushrooms rarely causes more than an inconvenience for the mild mycophobes. Canada Mushrooms More well known phobias such as agoraphobia or arachnophobia have definite impact on many people’s lives. Only the more severely mycophobes have incapacitating reactions to the sight of mushrooms. A few sufferers have reported a fear of mushrooms leading to screams and inability to move at the sight of a nearby mushroom.

To non-mycophobes simply avoiding mushrooms seem easy. If you have a fear of mushrooms the task is not nearly as easy as it sounds. In day to day life we rarely notice mushrooms. The mycophobe is not so lucky. A fear of mushrooms can be triggered in unexpected places. Walking along a sidewalk near a toadstool can be a challenge.

Most of us treat a trip to the supermarket as a common necessity, not a challenge. To the person with a fear of mushrooms the supermarket trip requires careful planning. To prevent a bad reaction the produce aisles are approached with caution. A selection of whole mushrooms can cause a near panic. Depending on the severity of fear even the canned vegetables must be navigated carefully.

With the widespread use of mushrooms in cooking, a meal in a nice restaurant presents a chore for the mycophobe. A fear of mushrooms will require an intense questioning of the waiter about what is in each of the menu selections.

While most mycophobes lead normal lives by learning where to avoid the fear triggers, others have incapacitating reactions. If your fear of mushrooms has become a problem in your day to day life there are treatments available. Search the local phone directory or the internet to find the treatment option that suits you.

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