How To Protect Your Furnishings From You Cat’s Destructive Scratches


If you find that your window screens, chairs and rugs are looking like someone had a fight on them, your cat is probably the culprit. Cats can cause havoc to furnishings and can destroy your beautiful home with their sharp claws. So how can you solve this problem? To nip the problem in the bid, you must understand why she scratches in the first place.

Historically, felines were deadly predators who relied on their sharp claws to climb up trees and hunt their preys. However, today, cats have become domesticated creatures and don’t need to hunt anymore. But since old instincts never dies, so they still sharpen their claws.

Also, you need to understand that cats need to scratch to release some innate energy. Scratching is also a cat’s way of cutting her nails, since it removes the old outer part of her claws. how to cut cat nails with human clippers Scratching releases special scents from the glands in the cats’ paws to help them mark that spot as theirs.

If you are sick and tired of your cat’s frequent scratchings, you have an option to de claw her. However, this is an expensive and unnecessary surgery and you may want to try some alternatives instead.

Here are some solutions to prevent cat scratching

1. Provide your feline friend with scratching pads or posts.

Scratching pads are made for cats to scratch so instead of scratching on your furniture, they scratch these pads or posts. You can buy them or if you prefer, you can also make your own simple scratching post. You can do this by using a 2 foot high section of a 4 by 4, a 2 foot by 2 foot piece of heavy plywood plus a carpet remnant.

Once you have a scratching post or pad for your feline, make sure that you place it right next to her favorite piece of furniture. Observe her for a while. Once she get used to scratching the post, you can move it a bit further from the furniture. But you must take care to do so only gradually.

2. Use a pet repellent spray on the furniture

If your kitty still scratches away your furnishings despite having her own scratching pad or post, then you can resort to pet repellent spray such as Bitter Apple. Of course, take care to test the spray on a hidden part of the upholstery first in order to be sure it doesn’t discolor the fabric of your furniture.

A good way to avoid spoiling your furniture by spraying is by covering it with aluminum foil or tape that is placed sticky side up. Your kitty will be repelled and should willingly turn to her scratching post instead.

3. De clawing

This is the measure of last resort. If your kitty still insists on scratching, de clawing may be the only option left. As long as she does not leave the house, this should be a safe option. However, de clawing is a painful and risky surgery so think more than twice on this one.

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