Financing a Book or Virtually Any Creative Project Using Kickstarter


Acquiring funding for a creative project can be difficult, especially when that project is not yet viable – in other words, the project has not made its first red cent, and it is not clear if it ever will. I decided to use Kickstarter to fund my creative project, my first novelĀ The Dying Times, and I thought it might be informative for others to know about my experiences, my pitfalls, and my successes with the project. The premise of Kickstarter is simple: post your project, define some rewards, and explain what your project is about. It’s not difficult to post a new project, but getting funding can be one of the most difficult things you’ve done up to this point. I think that getting the funding was probably harder than advertising the book, which should tell you something! During this article, I will post two links to the Kickstarter projects that I have run, and I would encourage anyone who wants to follow by referencing these examples to open each one in a separate tab or window to read along.

First, I need to go into a little backstory with Kickstarter so that you will understand the story up to the present point. Some time before starting my current, successful Kickstarter project, I attempted to run an unsuccessful project to fund another creative idea that I had. Kreativ leg My first project was called “The d10 Core Roleplaying Game System”. The purpose of that project was to fund the production of a new roleplaying game and fill the book with (usually expensive) artwork. The project did not succeed, but it has helped, as I will mention later in the article. This brings us to the soon-to-be-successful “The Dying TImes” project. As of this writing, the project is $22 until reaching its initial goal of $500 with 25 days left to go, so it will end up being successful and surpass the goal amount. (This is guaranteed by one of my family members pledging and guaranteeing that she will pledge whatever amount is necessary to make sure it succeeds by the 10th of December, but I doubt she will have to do so.)

So, with both projects in hand, I will begin to examine the differences and similarities between the two and why one was successful and the other wasn’t. This is where the information becomes valuable to you if you are considering opening a project like these or if you are seeking funding and think Kickstarter may be for you. You can open the links to the two Kickstarter projects that I am referring to by visiting the links below the similarities and differences segment.

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