Auto Theft and Car Jacking Prevention


Auto theft is a serious danger for all automobile owners across the United States but it pales in comparison to the threat posed by carjackers. Carjacking makes up a very small percentage of all auto theft, but what it lacks in frequency it makes up for in severity and terror. Follow these tips to prevent automobile theft and know what to do if you find yourself faced with a situation of this capacity.

The first and most useful way to avoid harm from carjacking is to avoid being a victim of carjacking in the first place. Someone that uses this forcible means of stealing an occupied vehicle is an especially brazen type of criminal with a serious lack of respect for the individual that they victimize, but they are not purely stupid. Though perhaps morally inept, a carjacker is for the most part susceptible to the same intimidations as a law-abiding citizen. If parked in a parking lot, walk to your car with your keys in hand; grip your keys firmly and confidently if you notice suspicious individuals in the vicinity. The goal of key gripping is not to visibly threaten anyone with your keys, but to present the d signs of a confident individual with a weapon. This will alert potential thieves that you are personally not a victim that will roll over easily.

In the unfortunate event that you are actually faced with a thief approaching your car window or insisting to be let in, car jack for oil change follow this simple guideline: don’t let them in. If your engine is on and you’re in the driver seat, do not open a car door, whether they have a weapon or not. Once the car door is open the carjacker has a serious upper hand and may be able to take control of the vehicle. Instead of giving into threats, drive your car away immediately; do not even pause to see the individual’s reaction, just drive away. Do not be deterred by the threat of a firearm. The likelihood that a carjacker will trigger a firearm in public is slim, especially if they are without an escape vehicle. Besides, once they are in your vehicle they are much more likely to use their weapon if they believe they have a chance of getting away with their crime. Driving away prevents these terrible criminals from taking control.

In the last resort, if a carjacker has surprised you and forced his way into your car do not listen to their commands. As soon as you’re able, buckle your seatbelt and aim your vehicle into a stationary object free of innocent people. Be it a tree, or a wall, drive your car straight into the object at a high speed, aiming to impact the side with the carjacker. This tactic seems crazy, but the threat of injury from a car crash is much less severe than the threat of death caused by a carjacker in your car with a weapon. Additionally, knowing that you are about to crash your vehicle will provide you with time to prepare and brace for impact, while the unwitting carjacker will be caught off guard.

Carjacking is an unfortunate truth that we as American have to live with. Be confident in your right to defend your life and your property and be knowledgeable about the ways to prevent a carjacker ruining either. With preparation and confidence you can avoid being victimized by criminals.

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