Agile Project Management: 7 Mistakes To Avoid


The Agile method of project management has taken over the industries for fora few years. Companies are slowly shifting towards the Agile method project management, which has increased the demand for Agile project managers in the market. However, there are certain mistakes that companies do while shifting to this form of project management. What are the most common mistakes, and how can one avoid them? Here is the list of the most common mistakes that companies do while shifting to the Agile methodology.

Lack Of Team Planning

Before shifting to the Agile methodology, it is important to make a proper plan. A proper team planning would help the company in adapting to the Agile methodology. Moreover, Agile methodology is all about team planning. It focuses on dividing the work in the team and then complete it. A team with discipline would be able to complete the tasks without much problem.

Practices Without Principles

The Agile method of project management has certain principles that all the project managers should follow. If a company has adapted to Agile methodology and is performing the projects without following these principles, the company would face lots of problems. It is well known that it is difficult to incorporate the principles in the company due to which most of the companies avoid doing this. But, it is a mistake for which the company would have to suffer in the future.

No Daily Meetings

One of the most important rules of Agile project management methodology is to conduct daily meetings. These meetings help the team and the company to know the daily progress and the status of the project. Furthermore, it helps indirectly interacting with the higher authorities about any risks or challenges that are present in the project. On the other hand, the client even gets the opportunity to provide any more changes to the project through this process. Without daily meetings, the company will not be able to cope up with the progress rate, which might further lead to problems in the future.

No Retrospective Meetings After Every Sprint

In Agile project management, a meeting is held after every sprint. This helps the team in understanding the various ways in which they can improve and can increase productivity. However, most of the companies take the sprint retrospective as a luxury thing which is against the principles of Agile methodology. It would become difficult for the team to know the areas of improvement and adapt to it.

No flexibility

Agile methodology is a type of project management method which requires flexibility. Most of the companies fail in adapting the Agile method due to no space for flexibility. The team should be able to become flexible enough to do a project with the help of Agile methodology. If the team does not have any space for flexibility, then it would be not easy to complete the project. Moreover, Agile methodology even includes the involvement of stakeholders and clients. If the company is not flexible enough to follow this particular rule, then it would be of no use.

Too Much Testing

Another common mistake that the teams do is testing too much while doing the project. Though it is good to test the phases of the project, too much testing will ultimately lead to a waste of time. A team even has to focus on other parts of the project. If it focuses on only one part and conducts continuous tests on it, then they are wasting time. This time, which could be utilized for completing other parts of the project and submit it before the deadline. Testing twice or thrice is enough for the project.

These were some of the most common mistakes that the companies make while using the Agile methodology for project management. By avoiding these mistakes, the companies would be able to take advantage of the Agile methodology and grasp as many projects as they can. Agile methodology has been widely accepted by companies from all around the world due to its various benefits. However, a company can only succeed completely in this genre if they avoid making such mistakes while using the Agile methodology for project management. A proper certified Agile project manager knows how to avoid such mistakes and help the company is growing to a peak level.

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